October Favourites

Since this is my first Journal entry, I’ve decided to keep things a little light, and perhaps give my fans a glimpse into my life away from literature. I’ve seen a whole bunch of Youtubers do this, and I am nothing if not someone who follows to the letter Oscar Wilde’s wise words about stealing.
Publishing is a stressful affair, so here are a few things that this month have kept me from going absolutely crazy (or at least, more than usual)



This is a new interest for me, but it’s quickly growing into a passion. For one thing, I have yet to poison anyone, and being a tab obsessive about cleanliness is a positive thing in this art. I also come from a long line of cooks and chefs, so no surprise there. Except in my case, instead of reading age-old recipe books, I get to watch a whole load of Youtube videos and mimic the tiny people in my screen.



Again, a recent hobby, and I use that term loosely. I am not a gamer. I am the person who becomes terribly frustrated with the sheer amount of deaths he’s accumulated and ends up rage-quitting.
However, since I had to publish 2 books in the span of 3 weeks (one if which was Esper Files), I decided it was best to take a break from writing until that tumultuous time had passed.

I am a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons Online, which I didn’t know existed on Mac. (Last time I played it was on PC three years ago, and since then I switched to a Mac – a superior machine and don’t let anyone tell you any different)
In my binge, I ran 2 Warriors and a Cleric, which I absolutely loved, but since then I had to uninstall it because I was wasting too much time on it and it made my laptop run hot.
(Also, I have the impulse control of a 5-year-old)

Another game I often play when I’m listening to podcasts, is Elements: The Game. I’ve been playing it for a few months now, and I seem to have settled on an Earth-Gravity deck, along with my recent mono-Aether deck.

(As I write this I understand that some of you might be scratching your heads in confusion. On the other hand, I’m certain there’s a small percentage of people who are grinning that I am as big a nerd as they are)


Digimon (Tri and Appli):

Digimon was my first addiction. Seven years old and obsessed with it (it was on its first season then – yes, I am dating myself)
A few years ago, I used to host a podcast and in one of my (marginally) more popular episodes, I discussed Digimon versus Pokemon. Prepare to hate me – Digimon is superior in every way.
And when Adventure Tri started again, I may have cried during the theme song. (I definitely cried over the theme song)

As for Appli Universe, it’s the latest season, I since it’s ongoing I can’t really comment on it. (On the other hand, I am a fan and they can do no wrong. Except maybe Digimon Season 2… What were they thinking/ smoking?)



I often credit Animorphs as the book series that got me into reading. I was always a reader, mind you, but Animorphs struck a chord that I didn’t know existed.
Truth be told, I did discover the series during a very dark period of my life (story for another time, perhaps) and the escapism just made life a little more tolerable.

Now, more than a decade later, I finally collected the entire series from start to finish, having finished reading it a few days before Esper Files launched.


And there you have it: a brief insight to my life away from the keyboard. (Well, I am typing this, so that may be a bit of a lie… perhaps it’s best you don’t read much into this)
I was thinking of perhaps keeping this up every month, as well as the occasional blog. (I hate homework, so these will be sporadic at best)

And now I turn the question to you – What would you like me to blog about?

(email me at eganbrass@gmail.com, or leave your feedback in the comments section)

Egan Brass